chromatic number

chromatic number
т.граф. хроматическое число

English-Russian dictionary of computer science and programming. 2013.

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  • chromatic number — noun The smallest number of colours needed to colour a connected graph The chromatic number of a complete graph is and the chromatic number of the bipartite graph two …   Wiktionary

  • Interval chromatic number of an ordered graph — In mathematics, the interval chromatic number X …   Wikipedia

  • Chromatic (disambiguation) — Chromatic, a word ultimately derived from the Greek noun χρῶμα (khrṓma), which means complexion or color , and then from the Greek adjective χρωματικός (khrōmatikós; colored ), may refer to: In music: Chromatic scale, the western tempered twelve… …   Wikipedia

  • Chromatic polynomial — All nonisomorphic graphs on 3 vertices and their chromatic polynomials, clockwise from the top. The independent 3 set: k3. An edge and a single vertex: k2(k − 1). The 3 path: k(k − 1)2. The 3 clique …   Wikipedia

  • Chromatic scale — Qualities Number of pitch classes 12 Maximal evenness Degenerate well formed collection The chromatic scale is a musical scale with twelve pitches, each a semitone apart. On a modern piano or other …   Wikipedia

  • Chromatic Research — Inc. was a company based in Mountain View, California that developed a multifunction multimedia device for PCs called the MPACT! The company was formerly known as Xenon Microsystems Corporation. Chromatic Research, Inc. was founded in 1993. The… …   Wikipedia

  • Chromatic aberration — On top is corner detail in a photograph taken with a higher quality lens; bottom is a similar photograph taken with a wide angle lens showing severe visible lateral chromatic aberration. The effect is pronounced on the right side of the building… …   Wikipedia

  • Chromatic harmonica — Hohner Super Chromatic harmonica, a typical 12 hole chromatic. The chromatic harmonica is a type of harmonica that uses a button activated sliding bar to redirect air from the hole in the mouthpiece to the selected reed plate desired. When the… …   Wikipedia

  • number game — Introduction       any of various puzzles and games that involve aspects of mathematics.       Mathematical recreations comprise puzzles and games that vary from naive amusements to sophisticated problems, some of which have never been solved.… …   Universalium

  • chromatic pigments —    All the pigment which are neither black, white, nor gray the achromatic pigments. Also see chroma.    the letters C O O L chrome platedchrome or chromium    A hard, brittle, bluish white metal used chiefly in stainless steel and for… …   Glossary of Art Terms

  • Domatic number — A domatic partition. In graph theory, a domatic partition of a graph G = (V,E) is a partition of V into disjoint sets V1, V2,...,VK such that each Vi is a dominati …   Wikipedia

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